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Friday, 26 October 2012

Please Don't Hate Me!

Hey all,

Sorry I've been missing since just before school started! I keep meaning to post and let you know I'm still alive, it just hasn't happened yet. But I do have some exciting news! Well, it's exciting to me.


Okay, here it is...

...wait for it...

I survived the first month of grade eleven! :) I know it sounds silly to all of you, but I was pretty nervous, so having survived the first month or so makes me feel better.

I know - because I'm always online even if I don't have time to write - that at least somone has been checking out my blog every-so-often (over 200 hits! Wow! Thank you all!) and that's been my motivation to crank out another post. I'm now two months behind on my monthly writing, but I do have something finished from a Summer Assignment in English that I can share, and I hope you like! Here it is: 

Pep’s Big Adventure

A children’s storyJ

It was a cold, wet day in the big city, and no one seemed to take any notice of a soggy cardboard box labelled “Free Kittens!”

The only kitten left inside was a tiny black kitten with a white stripe down its back. The owners of the mother cat had started calling him Pep, after Pepé le Pew. Pep had had enough of sitting in the cold rain all alone, so he clambered out of the ruined box and set off down the street.

His nose led him to a small bakery on the corner of the street. It wasn’t easy to get there, though. The rain was cold, and Pep’s fur flopped into his eyes. His paws were numb with cold, but he didn’t notice. The smell of baking bread drifted through the damp to tickle his nose, and Pep followed it right to the door. He waited outside the door for a long time, but no one seemed to take any notice of a tiny, damp kitten.

Finally, the door opened wide enough for Pep to sneak in, and he squeezed in between a man’s big shiny shoes. He snuck up to the counter, hoping to find a few bites of warm bread left on the floor. But there was none, and poor Pep had to dodge through big wet shoes, umbrella ends, and canes to avoid being squashed!

Then the baker saw him, and she wasn't wearing her glasses. She thought he looked like a rat! The baker grabbed the broom she used to sweep up breadcrumbs

“Rat! Get out, Rat!” she screamed, swinging the broom at him. The baker couldn't see well, but Pep when meowed at her, she realised that he was a kitten, not a rat! The baker scooped up the soaked kitten and dried him off, and let him sit near the hot ovens until he could feel his paws and the end of his tail. After that night, Pep lived in the bakery, eating bread and milk and keeping the real rats away.
Ta-da! There you go, my first-ever completed children's story. I hope you like it! I'm hoping to get something else posted later today (it's about 2pm) to tell you some of my junior year adventures, but I have a Chem test coming up, and a mountain of laundry and dishes to tackle, so don't hold your breath - sorry!

I will leave you with this, though: "stay away from trees and eat lots of wood!" My drama teacher, Brian, always has something like that to tell us after class, and I thought I'd share one of my favourites :)

Also, my Disney character for the day is Abu from Aladdin, because he's adorable and I love him!

Thanks for reading!



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