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Friday, 3 August 2012


Since my first post wasn't really a post, more like an introduction to me and my blog, I thought, "hey, maybe I should write a real post, that actually reads like a web diary," which led me to this second post today.

So then I thought, for my first "real" post, I'd let myself rant a little bit about an aspect of the Internet I truly hate. What's to hate about the Internet, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

I hate the stupid "trolls" that think their opinion is the only correct opinion, or demean the opinions of others as "judgemental" or "unimportant". It just makes me sad that our world has resorted to petty Internet bigotry.

For example, the other day I was on StumbleUpon, drifting around the Internet, when I came across a hair tutorial. Now, I happened to notice that the girl providing the hands for the tutorial (it was two girls, one doing the others hair) hadn't taken her nail polish off. No big deal, right? Wrong. According to the comments, it was "unprofessional," and "looked sloppy."

So I kept scrolling through the comments, hoping to have my faith in humanity restored, when I come across another comment, stating that the commenter who had called the girls unprofessional was "judgemental," and "wasting their time," and what have you. Well. I was unimpressed. Failure to restore faith in humanity.

It turns out that the two girls who had made the tutorial worked for the company, in the store (the blog was the big-leagues, with multiple employees). The editor-in-chief (or whoever he was. A higher-up) had chimed in do defend his employees! (faith in humanity: restored) This absolutely made reading all the rude comments worth it.

The two girls weren't normally in charge of making the tutorials, but had been wanting to make one for a while. So they asked him if they could make one on their lunch break. He agreed, but with time running out before the email notifications about blog updates went out, they had to hurry. So when they finished, they didn't have time to run Photoshop over her nails. No big deal.

Now do you see my point? They critics weren't fully aware of the situation, and they just came off as rude, judgemental bigots. I'll post the blog
so you can see for yourselves. Do you think the chipped nail polish took away from the quality of the tutorial? I definitely don't! I thought the braid was beautiful, and the directions were easy to follow

Of course, I'm guilty of doing this myself, but it only happened once. And I deleted the comment, because I was very, very wrong (I'd questioned the release date of a Disney movie, on a popular YouTube video. Oops!).

So that's my rant for the day, and I feel better. Thanks for reading!
What bugs you most about the Internet?

On a Lighter Note,

I'd almost forgotten to post my Disney picks of the day! My song of the day is "Just Around the River Bend" from Pocahontas, and my character of the day is also from Pocahontas, Flit the hummingbird. He's just too cute!


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