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Sunday, 26 August 2012

On My (Your) Own

Okay, so maybe I'm not living on my own (yet!), but this post is a collection of links I'm saving for when I am out on my own.

I've been using StumbleUpon to surf the web with wild abandon, and it's a great place to find whatever you're interested in. I've even gotten a few friends addicted, 'cause I'm evil like that. En tout cas, I've been collecting these links for a while now, and plan to send them out as an email to some friends who've requested it. Mostly, though, it's for my own benefit.

These links are great, I think, for a gal out on her own for the first time. Most of them are for DIY beauty, but a lot of them are tips for things everyone should be able to do, and links to learn how. I've labelled each link so you can find what you're looking for quickly.
So there it is! I hope this is helpful!

I'm gonna be honest - I'm absolutely terrified to move out on my own. But I think that if I keep this list of links handy, I should be fine. What I'm truly nervous about is my over-active imagination. I'm hoping that by the time I'm on my own I'll be a bit more mature and not so spookable, but I'm definitely going to be keeping my radio on at night so I can't hear the apartment creaking.

I'm also thinking of adopting a kitten to keep me company - much preferable to a roommate, I think. I like my privacy, LOL. I just about went crazy spending a week hotel hopping (as my boyfriend puts it) with my parents and younger brother.

Some of my own tips for being out on your own? Keep a catch-all bowl by the door, and live on a budget. Make lists of everything (groceries on the fridge, at least) and have a set day for laundry and shopping. Call or go home as often as you can deal with/manage, and forgive yourself for screwing things up, like the first time you turn your favourite white sweater green in the wash by accident.

Also,  keep the names of a plumber, electrician, etc by the phone, and have a spot for take-out menus. You'll want them. Make friends with your landlord and neighbours, and be a good neighbour. You'll want those, too.

I was serious about living on a budget, though. Set aside a certain amount each paycheck (at the very least the rent) and don't touch it until it comes time to pay the rent. Or buy groceries. Or whatever. The rest is yours, but it's also a good idea to set up an emergency fund and add to it regularly. The best bet is a savings account you can only access from the bank itself (which means no ATMs). My parents have one for me for travel, and it ensures I always have spending cash. Once I'm out on my own, I'll have one for emergencies - i.e. car or home repair, medical emergencies, or losing my job.

Maybe all of these tips are crap, but they seem like common sense to me. Who knows. Do you have any good tips for leaving the nest? Let me know in the comments! Please?

I'm dying to get a place of my own, but I'm "not allowed" until I'm mostly through college or university. Ah well. I hope the tips and tricks I amassed will be helpful to somebody, at any rate.



PS: I alnost forgot, my Disney song of the day is "Almost There" from The Princess & The Frog. YouTube it!

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