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Friday, 26 October 2012

Please Don't Hate Me!

Hey all,

Sorry I've been missing since just before school started! I keep meaning to post and let you know I'm still alive, it just hasn't happened yet. But I do have some exciting news! Well, it's exciting to me.


Okay, here it is...

...wait for it...

I survived the first month of grade eleven! :) I know it sounds silly to all of you, but I was pretty nervous, so having survived the first month or so makes me feel better.

I know - because I'm always online even if I don't have time to write - that at least somone has been checking out my blog every-so-often (over 200 hits! Wow! Thank you all!) and that's been my motivation to crank out another post. I'm now two months behind on my monthly writing, but I do have something finished from a Summer Assignment in English that I can share, and I hope you like! Here it is: 

Pep’s Big Adventure

A children’s storyJ

It was a cold, wet day in the big city, and no one seemed to take any notice of a soggy cardboard box labelled “Free Kittens!”

The only kitten left inside was a tiny black kitten with a white stripe down its back. The owners of the mother cat had started calling him Pep, after Pepé le Pew. Pep had had enough of sitting in the cold rain all alone, so he clambered out of the ruined box and set off down the street.

His nose led him to a small bakery on the corner of the street. It wasn’t easy to get there, though. The rain was cold, and Pep’s fur flopped into his eyes. His paws were numb with cold, but he didn’t notice. The smell of baking bread drifted through the damp to tickle his nose, and Pep followed it right to the door. He waited outside the door for a long time, but no one seemed to take any notice of a tiny, damp kitten.

Finally, the door opened wide enough for Pep to sneak in, and he squeezed in between a man’s big shiny shoes. He snuck up to the counter, hoping to find a few bites of warm bread left on the floor. But there was none, and poor Pep had to dodge through big wet shoes, umbrella ends, and canes to avoid being squashed!

Then the baker saw him, and she wasn't wearing her glasses. She thought he looked like a rat! The baker grabbed the broom she used to sweep up breadcrumbs

“Rat! Get out, Rat!” she screamed, swinging the broom at him. The baker couldn't see well, but Pep when meowed at her, she realised that he was a kitten, not a rat! The baker scooped up the soaked kitten and dried him off, and let him sit near the hot ovens until he could feel his paws and the end of his tail. After that night, Pep lived in the bakery, eating bread and milk and keeping the real rats away.
Ta-da! There you go, my first-ever completed children's story. I hope you like it! I'm hoping to get something else posted later today (it's about 2pm) to tell you some of my junior year adventures, but I have a Chem test coming up, and a mountain of laundry and dishes to tackle, so don't hold your breath - sorry!

I will leave you with this, though: "stay away from trees and eat lots of wood!" My drama teacher, Brian, always has something like that to tell us after class, and I thought I'd share one of my favourites :)

Also, my Disney character for the day is Abu from Aladdin, because he's adorable and I love him!

Thanks for reading!



Sunday, 9 September 2012

August's (belated) Writing

Summer Lovin'
Water rushes,
Waves roar.
Kids laugh,
Gulls soar.
You and I, alone at the other end –
well, you and I and the crabs –
Lay on a towel in the hot sun.
We don’t say much,
but we don’t have to.

By now,
we can practically read each other’s thoughts.
I think: this is the life. I love the beach,
And you think: I wonder if she’ll let me kiss her.

Typical boy,
But still the typical boy
I fell for that summer.

Water rushes,
Waves roar.
Kids laugh,
Gulls soar.
So this is a little late, because I was supposed to post it the end of August, but I've been crazy busy, so please forgive me? (Insert charming angel smilie here) En tout cas, it's up now and I'm rather proud of it. I hope you like it. Per my first post, I'm going to try to post another piece of my writing at the end of the month. (Try.)
Oh, one more thing before I log off  (I have a French project due. Sigh) my Disney character for today is Tiana's daddy from the Princess and the Frog. I really liked him. Oh, and no copyright infringement is intended with my Disney of the Day -- I just really love Disney :)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

On My (Your) Own

Okay, so maybe I'm not living on my own (yet!), but this post is a collection of links I'm saving for when I am out on my own.

I've been using StumbleUpon to surf the web with wild abandon, and it's a great place to find whatever you're interested in. I've even gotten a few friends addicted, 'cause I'm evil like that. En tout cas, I've been collecting these links for a while now, and plan to send them out as an email to some friends who've requested it. Mostly, though, it's for my own benefit.

These links are great, I think, for a gal out on her own for the first time. Most of them are for DIY beauty, but a lot of them are tips for things everyone should be able to do, and links to learn how. I've labelled each link so you can find what you're looking for quickly.
So there it is! I hope this is helpful!

I'm gonna be honest - I'm absolutely terrified to move out on my own. But I think that if I keep this list of links handy, I should be fine. What I'm truly nervous about is my over-active imagination. I'm hoping that by the time I'm on my own I'll be a bit more mature and not so spookable, but I'm definitely going to be keeping my radio on at night so I can't hear the apartment creaking.

I'm also thinking of adopting a kitten to keep me company - much preferable to a roommate, I think. I like my privacy, LOL. I just about went crazy spending a week hotel hopping (as my boyfriend puts it) with my parents and younger brother.

Some of my own tips for being out on your own? Keep a catch-all bowl by the door, and live on a budget. Make lists of everything (groceries on the fridge, at least) and have a set day for laundry and shopping. Call or go home as often as you can deal with/manage, and forgive yourself for screwing things up, like the first time you turn your favourite white sweater green in the wash by accident.

Also,  keep the names of a plumber, electrician, etc by the phone, and have a spot for take-out menus. You'll want them. Make friends with your landlord and neighbours, and be a good neighbour. You'll want those, too.

I was serious about living on a budget, though. Set aside a certain amount each paycheck (at the very least the rent) and don't touch it until it comes time to pay the rent. Or buy groceries. Or whatever. The rest is yours, but it's also a good idea to set up an emergency fund and add to it regularly. The best bet is a savings account you can only access from the bank itself (which means no ATMs). My parents have one for me for travel, and it ensures I always have spending cash. Once I'm out on my own, I'll have one for emergencies - i.e. car or home repair, medical emergencies, or losing my job.

Maybe all of these tips are crap, but they seem like common sense to me. Who knows. Do you have any good tips for leaving the nest? Let me know in the comments! Please?

I'm dying to get a place of my own, but I'm "not allowed" until I'm mostly through college or university. Ah well. I hope the tips and tricks I amassed will be helpful to somebody, at any rate.



PS: I alnost forgot, my Disney song of the day is "Almost There" from The Princess & The Frog. YouTube it!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Driving up Mt Washington

So today, my family decided that, since we're in New Hampshire, we should drive up Mount Washington, which is the highest point in New England. Talk about terrifying.

When we got to the bottom, we realised that there's a huge fee to drive to the top - it came to $49 for my family of four. Yikes. You burn about that much in gas just trying to get there and back! But, you do get a cool bumper sticker (if you like that sort of thing) and a CD tour guide. So I guess it's sort of worth it?

So we pop in the CD and take off up the mountain - at about 25MPH, in low gear, which is very important, apparently. It was nice at first, just driving up a bit of a steep hill. But, the road is only eight miles long, which works out to about 12.9km. Now, bear in mind that this mountain is about 6,288 feet or 10119.56 kilometres high, and we only drove 12.9km. It was really, really steep.

But the view was totally worth it! To be so high up in the cold, clear air and look down at the foothills, and the ski hill across the valley... it was incredible. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's visiting, or even lives in, New Hampshire. It's just incredible.

From up that high, everything looks kinda blue, and the clouds leave big puffy shadows on different parts of the mountain.. it's beautiful. We also saw lots of hikers - it's a four hour climb to the top, and then you can wait in line to take a picture at the very tip - which just looks like a pile of rocks with a signpost stuck in it, by the by.

Not gonna lie, though, I got altitude sickness. I was faint and a bit nauseated, especially in the cafe and giftshop. On top of that, I was feeling pretty ill when I woke up this morning. I was not a happy camper!

I think our truck had a harder time coping than I did, though. We had some transmission problems on the way up, and the whole truck shook and groaned, and the gears were grinding... It was terrifying! I thought we were gonna fall off the face of the mountain. But we didn't, and the ride down was a million times easier. Thank God!

Now that we're at a normal elevation, the truck is still having some troubles. Hopefully it'll be okay for the drive home!

On a happier note, my boyfriend and I are celebrating our third "aniversary" (can you call it that if you're not married?) in about three and a half weeks! I can't believe that he stuck with me for so long, but we're happy together. I'm a little head-over-heals for him....:)

I dunno what we're gonna do, we're probably just gonna lay around and watch movies at my house. It'll be fun, whatever it is.

And now, before I forget - My Disney of the Day nonsense! Fun, fun. My song of the day is "A Girl Worth Fighting For" from Mulan, and my character is Aladdin. I've always had a bit of a crush on him. But ah well.


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Car Trips

Yesterday, my family set out on an epic - literally, fourteen hours - road trip to do some shopping in the U S of A. I'm pretty excited to be here, especially since I've started releasing books via BookCrossing and will be able to leave some in the States.

The car trip, however, was less than glamorous. It was too hot, or it was too cold, or my brother was pushing the cooler towards me, or I was pushing it towards him. We left at five AM, and stopped every two hours to stretch our legs. Luckily, I brought lots of reading material, and was able to sleep quite a bit in the afternoon.  

Now that we're mostly settled in the USA, we've been tourist-ing around and shopping quite a lot. I saw a beautiful dress in Jill McGowen, but it was $275... so it stayed on the rack. I did find a cute second-hand dress in a vintage/thrift boutique, which I'm happy about. It's so comfy and cute! And thrift shopping is so inexpensive, it's great, and everything is unique!
Here are some Tips for Thrifting, no matter where you live. I actually found a great purple dress at a ladies' consignment shop. and it fits like a glove. The trick is to have an idea of the style you're looking for, and to stick to it!

Hmm.. I'm not sure what to write, as the trip's not over yet. I think the most important thing when going away with family is being able to laugh at yourself, and at your embarssing family. They're going to fart in public (excuse my crass language), they're going to call you irritating baby names, and they're going to tell you to hold their hands in NYC, even if you're sixteen-and-a-half. Sh** happens, they love you. They just tend to have a screwed-up way of expressing it!

So I guess that's it for now... I'll write again sometime during or just after the trip!
OH! I should apologize for not blogging in about fourteen days... Sorry! I'll try to do better, I will. I just don't seem to have much to write about. Any suggestions? I know it's hard to see the comment box thingy, but if you click on "zero comments", it'll take you to a page to write one! Please do. I'd love you always :)

Okay, back on track! My Disney song of the day (because I forgot in my last post) is "Cruella DeVille" from 101 Dalmations. It's a funny song. Go on YouTube and watch it. My Disney movie of the day is Tangled. I'm dying to see it! Has anyone seen it?



Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Travel and Shopping

As you all know, I'm a small-town girl from Atlantic Canada, and there's not a lot of great shopping here. That's one of the biggest reasons I love to travel - shopping somewhere new! My family and I are going to the States to shop for a week, and I couldn't be more excited.

I love travelling, especially to somewhere noticeably different from my hometown. I went to Europe with my class May of 2011, and I was just in awe of the different cultures, scenery, history... everything! Going to the states can't possibly match up to that, but I'm hoping I'll stumble across a great vintage boutique, or maybe even designer outlets having a sale. That would be amazing.
My family’s going to Maine and New Hampshire, which I’m looking forward to. I know Bangor, ME, has some great shopping, and I’m hoping to find some great deals. I love vintage-inspired clothes, lace and pretty, feminine details, and I’m hoping to find something really beautiful.

One city I'd really love to shop in is New York, New York, the shopping capital of the USA! I would love to shop at Tiffany's, Bloomingdale's, Barneys', and Saks Fifth Avenue.
I think if I went to New York City, I’d mostly want to get some really great, designer shoes that are – most importantly – super comfortable. Or maybe a couple of pretty, light cashmere tees or sweaters for fall? That would be my budget goal for the Big Apple.

Okay, I'll admit I'm not as fashionista as I sound. I actually had to Google shopping in New York to finish writing this post. But, I am excited to go shopping in New York and London (again) someday, so I decided to write this to get some advice on where to go.

When I went to Europe in the ninth grade, we passed dozens of famous fashion houses. It was incredible! We didn't get to stop at any of them, but just passing them seemed kind of crazy and exotic. I mean, the fanciest store we have here is Laura and Le Chateau, so driving past the world's biggest Louis Vuitton in Paris, France was insane.

The shopping in Europe was absolutely fantastic! I loved walking the streets with my friends, seeing all of the high-fashion shops and boutiques. A friend of mine bought a beautiful raincoat, and I got a cashmere cardigan in Scotland, for half price! I love shopping, and Europe is one of the best places in the world to shop.

I'll never forget how many street vendors we met in France! There were watches, and lighters, and especially art prints and key chains. One guy even put a bracelet on my wrist and then made me pay for it! He held the nail clippers he was using up to the skin on my finger - which scared the crap out of me - before he cut the bracelet off, so I paid him just so I could get away. Guess I over-reacted, huh? But it was pretty scary, and I was a little sleep-deprived.

While we were in France, we also saw the Eiffel Tower, which is absolutely beautiful, although I wouldn't recommend going on a Friday night! There were so many people on the tower, I got a little claustrophobic and ended up hiding behind a poster board display in a corner. I'll admit it was a little awful. But the view was totally worth it.

My boyfriend and I took the stairs and the elevator all the way to the top floor, and even though the crowds and the feeling of being about to fall 1,050 feet to your death were terrifying, I ended up loving it.

But I wasn't the only one who had some trouble enjoying the view, as it happened. One of my good friends ended up with heat stroke, and didn't even get to go up. It was a sin, and she was sick the rest of the trip.

Another friend of mine, who's afraid of heights, got really dizzy and sick about halfway to the top and had to turn around. My boyfriend and I met her on our way down, and I thought she was gonna pass out in the elevator! I think it was scarier for me than for her, but eventually we got to the bottom, and everyone was okay.

So now you’ve heard some of my travel and shopping experiences, and now I wanna hear some of yours! Where do you love to shop, and what for? Where have you traveled to, and what’s your dream destination? Do you have any travel horror stories? Let me know in the comments!

Jay ♥

Friday, 3 August 2012


Since my first post wasn't really a post, more like an introduction to me and my blog, I thought, "hey, maybe I should write a real post, that actually reads like a web diary," which led me to this second post today.

So then I thought, for my first "real" post, I'd let myself rant a little bit about an aspect of the Internet I truly hate. What's to hate about the Internet, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

I hate the stupid "trolls" that think their opinion is the only correct opinion, or demean the opinions of others as "judgemental" or "unimportant". It just makes me sad that our world has resorted to petty Internet bigotry.

For example, the other day I was on StumbleUpon, drifting around the Internet, when I came across a hair tutorial. Now, I happened to notice that the girl providing the hands for the tutorial (it was two girls, one doing the others hair) hadn't taken her nail polish off. No big deal, right? Wrong. According to the comments, it was "unprofessional," and "looked sloppy."

So I kept scrolling through the comments, hoping to have my faith in humanity restored, when I come across another comment, stating that the commenter who had called the girls unprofessional was "judgemental," and "wasting their time," and what have you. Well. I was unimpressed. Failure to restore faith in humanity.

It turns out that the two girls who had made the tutorial worked for the company, in the store (the blog was the big-leagues, with multiple employees). The editor-in-chief (or whoever he was. A higher-up) had chimed in do defend his employees! (faith in humanity: restored) This absolutely made reading all the rude comments worth it.

The two girls weren't normally in charge of making the tutorials, but had been wanting to make one for a while. So they asked him if they could make one on their lunch break. He agreed, but with time running out before the email notifications about blog updates went out, they had to hurry. So when they finished, they didn't have time to run Photoshop over her nails. No big deal.

Now do you see my point? They critics weren't fully aware of the situation, and they just came off as rude, judgemental bigots. I'll post the blog
so you can see for yourselves. Do you think the chipped nail polish took away from the quality of the tutorial? I definitely don't! I thought the braid was beautiful, and the directions were easy to follow

Of course, I'm guilty of doing this myself, but it only happened once. And I deleted the comment, because I was very, very wrong (I'd questioned the release date of a Disney movie, on a popular YouTube video. Oops!).

So that's my rant for the day, and I feel better. Thanks for reading!
What bugs you most about the Internet?

On a Lighter Note,

I'd almost forgotten to post my Disney picks of the day! My song of the day is "Just Around the River Bend" from Pocahontas, and my character of the day is also from Pocahontas, Flit the hummingbird. He's just too cute!